On the Truth and Weekly Worship

 By: Henry Knapp

The lightbulb clicked on. A moment of clarity. Suddenly, things that have been bumping around in the mind make perfect sense.   

I recently had one of those moments when discussing an article with some friends; we were talking about parenting, passing on the faith, the role of the church, and worship attendance. And then, an idea clicked in my mind—people think of the Gospel as helpful, assisting us in living a good life, but not necessarily as truthful. Their involvement in the church is based on its practical value, not on its truthfulness. Why do many come to church? To learn helpful things for life, not to be exposed to God’s reality. Oh, many would no doubt affirm the truthfulness of what we learn at church, but that’s not the point—the point is that the Gospel is perceived as one asset in pursuing health and happiness.   

Now, I want to be clear—nothing, not-a-thing, is more relevant for our everyday lives than the Gospel. God made us and made this world, and no one knows more about how we should live accordingly than He does. The Gospel does indeed direct us in living a good life. However—and this is a BIG “however”— the Gospel is nothing if not TRUE, and the instrument of proclaiming the Gospel, the Church, is above all else, a voice proclaiming the truth to this world. The Church teaches that which is helpful because it is teaching that which is true. The role of worship is to elevate the Gospel, that which is true, to draw attention to He who is the Truth, not just the One who makes life better.  

If we focus only on church as “helpful,” it is easy to fall into seriously bad patterns. What if one Sunday, we are not “helped”? Or, what if other opportunities arise which also promise to “help” in life? Why not choose to do other things that are also helpful instead of coming to weekly worship? If the Gospel only proclaims that which is helpful, then it quickly becomes optional, one choice among many, and each individual is left to decide what might be most “helpful” for that particular moment.   

But if the weekly proclamation of the Gospel at worship is the promulgation of the truth, then a different level of obligation arises—we need to be there! Truth from God’s Word is present! Worship is not one helpful thing among others, to be chosen if/when we feel like it. Weekly worship is exposure to Him who is True. 

Following the desertion of some of His followers, Jesus asked the disciples if they too were planning on leaving, going elsewhere, seeking something else. In one of his more faith-filled moments, Peter replied, “Where shall we go? You have the words of eternal life” (John 6:68). Each week in worship we gather to hear the words of eternal life—to hear that which is helpful, yes, but above all, that which is true.  

At Hebron, we will exhibit an unambiguous commitment to the truthfulness of the Gospel. Yes, come to worship each week to be helped in your daily life—but know that the truth is present by the Word of God, and we will celebrate and worship the Author of Truth, Jesus Christ Himself.  

To the Praise of His Glory!

Children's Ministry

 By: Ellen Dillard

All Things VBS

Family Kickoff – June 19, 6:30-8:00 PM

Kidz and Friends – June 20-23, 9:00 AM-12:15 PM

Preregistration is open and encouraged.  Simply click here to register. Invite your friends and neighbors to come, too. 

We're Making Waves this summer! Kidz will explore who Jesus is and what He has done for us. 

What does it mean to “make waves”? Well, think about a big wave crashing onto the shore. Waves are powerful. They make an IMPACT. And it’s the same for us! The way we live as followers of Jesus can make an impact on other people. 

Throughout the week, we will discover how we can “make waves” and share God’s love with the people around us.


VBS Gather

Kidz at VBS are going to show the love of Christ to our neighbors by gathering NEW PJs for kidz and teens who are in foster care. Our goal is to gather 750 pairs of NEW PJs. 

We are partnering with Bethany Christian Services. The mission at Bethany Christian is to demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus Christ by protecting children, empowering youth, and strengthening families through quality social services. 

Sizes: Baby PJs through 18 year olds

Gather Dates: Sunday, June 12, June 19 (and all week of VBS) and June 26

Kidz are encouraged to bring their donations during VBS week! 

The congregation is invited to join us as we gather NEW PJs for kidz and teens in foster care. The congregation can drop off their donations in the boxes provided at the Barclay and outside of the main sanctuary.

 Drop Off Sundays – June 12, 19 and 26


Supplies for the week: We’ve created a list of items needed on Amazon: Click here to view our list.


Serving Jesus at VBS.  VBS is a short, concentrated ministry that can have a lasting impact. We’d love to have you be a part of the team!  Connect with Ellen Dillard, Hebronkidz15235@gmail.com or 724-875-2243, for more info!


Please pray for VBS – Please thank God for the kidz who attend and ask that He will move in the lives of kidz and give them a boldness to share His love with their friends. Please pray for safety and thank God for the fun we’ll have, too.


Bonfire/Ice Cream Social

Preschool and Elementary families are invited to join us for our annual end of school year/beginning of summer celebration.

Date: Thursday, June 9

Time: 6:30-8:00 PM

Location: Rob and Jillian Morrow’s home, 380 Elicker Rd.


Kidz are invited to bring a bag of school papers to burn!

 Sunday Summer Small Groups Schedule

Babies – Prekindergarten MEET @ 9:00 AM and 11:15 AM

         June, July and August


Babies – 5th Grade MEET @ 10:15 AM

June 5, 12, 19, 26 and July 3, 10, 17, and 24


Babies -5th Grade Small Groups DO NOT MEET @ 10:15 AM

         July 31, August 7, 14, 21, 28 and September 4 

On Gathering for Worship

 By: Henry Knapp

I’m not an emoji user (had to look up how to spell “emoji!”). But, I realize why people use them—an image can capture more than mere words can describe. An emoji of a crying face conveys sorrow in a powerful way; a winking eye is mischievous; eyebrows down equals anger. This perhaps helps explain why the Scripture uses imagery so often—the totality of God’s work, the beauty of heaven, the depravity of sin, the joy of salvation, is so vast and overwhelming, that no words can express. So, we are often left with images and word-pictures to describe the most meaningful experiences of the Christian.  

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the biblical image of salvation as going from death to life. The Bible uses the word picture of a dead man to describe our spiritual state when we are separated from God. I love this because it cuts at the core of our self-sufficiency. If it is true that we are dead apart from Christ (Ephesians 2:1, 5; Colossians 2:13), then we are truly lost, unable to do anything. Dead men don’t save themselves; they don’t even contribute to the saving process. It is humbling, challenging to our pride, and convicting. Acknowledging our poverty in spirit opens our lives to God’s redeeming work. Seeing ourselves as “dead” without Christ is ultimately a marvelously freeing thing.  

The picture of death to life, however, speaks not only of who/what we were before Christ, but it also gives us a picture of who we are after Christ—we are alive! Suddenly, the cadaver breathes! The corpse arises, dances, and sings. If “dead” well describes our existence apart from Christ, then “life” is a great picture of being united with Christ in salvation.  

So, having come from death to life, what should we do, we who have been made alive in Christ? Well, how unlikely would it be for a living person not to breathe? Certainly, one natural thing for the newly-made-alive would be to take in air—for if they don’t… are they really alive? The living simply do certain things; a natural part of being alive. What “comes naturally” to those who are alive in Christ? What flows from being spiritually alive like breathing naturally comes to those who are physically alive?   

It is hard to imagine that worship would not head such a list—what is more natural for the newly-alive than to praise and thank the One who made them so? Proclaiming the One who saves should come as automatically for the Christian as breathing does for the living. Notice, my thought here is not that worship somehow saves us, or that we “merit” our salvation by coming to church—far from it! Heresy! Rather, my thought is that some things simply come naturally to those who are alive, like gathering for worship. A crucial part of our salvation is our corporate worship—coming together as His people to proclaim our “aliveness” and God’s work at making it so.  

Gathering in worship should not be an add-on for the believer; coming together to praise and proclaim shouldn’t be something we do when we can fit it in. Worship is like breathing—it is something that simply flows from being alive in Christ. Part of our “Worship+2” paradigm here at Hebron captures this idea; worship is a natural part of living; and so, let us “be alive” together! I look forward to seeing you in worship in the coming weeks. 

To the praise of His glory, Henry 

Hebron Book Nook

 By: The Discipleship Team

"Out with the Old and in with the New”

Our Hebron Book Nook has been updated with new books to borrow this spring! Look for our cart by the main doors of the Barclay and the table in the Bell Tower area outside the Sanctuary. Various titles and authors will be available throughout the coming summer months. Please continue to utilize this exciting, new initiative and enjoy this enriching opportunity.

We want to strongly recommend various books to you by our favorite, Kevin DeYoung – Crazy Busy, The Hole in Our Holiness, and The Good News We Almost Forgot (Heidelberg Catechism). There are also new selections for women and men, and also for parents by Paul David Tripp. Check them out and note that even more titles are coming soon!

To correspond with our recent Faith and Life Seminar on “The Lordship of Christ” and our ongoing desire at Hebron to be developed as disciples, we want to spotlight a new book that is available “Christ’s Call to Discipleship” - by James Montgomery Boice.

Review: Boice intends to define true discipleship as Jesus Christ did, voicing a concern that there is a loss of what Christ means when he says, “Follow me!” Costs to follow Jesus? But God’s grace is a free gift; there is no cost involved! This book explains those costs. There is a strong misconception these days that says that there is no sacrifice, no denial of self when following Jesus Christ. With great skill, clarity, and an honest evaluation of the commands of Scripture, Boice articulates his way through a series of “hard” passages that are sure to challenge every believer’s commitment to Jesus. Not only is it grounded in Scripture, but it forces every confessed Christian to examine themselves in the light of God’s Word, making it a must-read for every Christian.

Feel free to purchase your own copy on Amazon (or available to borrow at the Hebron Book Nook).

Please take advantage of this opportunity and look for updated announcements regarding our Book Nook. Please spread the word about these books. We are excited about all that the Lord has for us this year in our ongoing discipleship and nurture at Hebron. Let’s grow together!

See Linda Westover/Carol Riser for any questions or inquiries.

From the Desk of Hebron Uth

 By: Kara Pennybaker

It has been an amazing month! The youth are ending a wonderful series on the crucifixion of Jesus. The youth were able to experience the teaching styles of every leader as they journeyed from the Last Supper, to the Garden of Gethsemane, and finished up at the cross of Calvary. To wrap up the series and gain an opportunity and understanding of what the youth gathered, Lucas Balkey interviewed each student personally. You can check out their answers on the Hebron Studentz Facebook page! 

The children who participated in the Good Friday Tenebrae service did an awesome job, as well as our photography club and art club. Nothing pleased my heart more than knowing that the children understand the gift and the grace and mercy that Jesus gave us when he died for our sins so that we may be reconciled with God.

Moving forward, the youth ministry will be welcoming the fifth graders from Kidz ministry! The youth have been preparing for their arrival, and look forward to helping teach the youth younger than themselves what it means to walk out a life in Christ!

Summer is drawing near! Surf City sign-ups are readily available. You can find brochures at the entrances of the Barclay building and the main sanctuary. You can also sign up on the Hebron website! The grades invited this year are from graduating fifth graders to graduating eighth graders. We are expecting a high signup and are asking members of the church to be volunteers. Please contact Kara Pennybaker for further information.


T-SHIRTS will be in by May 4th. If you would like to support our Uth by purchasing a shirt, please contact Kara Pennybaker.


Last but not least, we look forward to honoring our graduating seniors and acknowledging our graduating eighth graders! Celebrating our youth and their accomplishments gives them a sense of pride and worth in a world that tries to continually diminish who they are. If you have a 12th grader graduating, or an 8th grader starting high school, let us know!


BIG WIN! The 6th-8th grade WYLD boys did a great job with their service project! They, and the partnering organization collected hundreds of diapers, wipes and 1100 dollars for mothers in need.


BIG FUN! All Night Bowling! There was a great turnout between youth leaders and parents. We made it to

1:00 am, some Studentz got a little tired. Other students could have bowled until 5 AM!

MUST SEE! Hebron youth is blessed to have many very talented youth. Go see their musicals if you can!