The Knapps Are Going to Africa!

 By: Henry Knapp

Some of you may have heard that Kelly and I are traveling to Central African Republic from May 25 - June 7. We want you to be thoroughly informed as to this mission and your involvement in it. Thank you for this opportunity!

In the Fall, I was asked to speak at a “spiritual retreat” for in-country missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators. (We are huge fans and supporters of this ministry). Our Hebron Church elders have approved this call and time of service. We are being sent by you, Hebron Church, so thank you for being engaged globally with this endeavor. This small group of missionaries will be conducting a business meeting, fellowship gathering, and spiritual retreat with a guest speaker (aka - me!) They have not met live in person since before COVID. They are eagerly anticipating a rich time together in fellowship and productivity.

We will be seeking primarily to encourage, pray for, strengthen with the Word these missionaries. We will be living life with them at the capital city, Bangui, CAR. I will also preach at some local, indigenous churches. Finally, we were also asked to lead a marriage/family conference for a native CAR team of Bible translators. We will be busy and engaged! It’s all very exciting.

We covet your prayers, as well as prayer for the missionaries there. Pray for their joy, refreshment, protection, and nourishment spiritually. Pray for their stamina as they continue to make it their life and passion to translate God’s Word into the people’s native/heart tongue. Pray for the Spirit’s blessing during our time together!

We look forward to debriefing this entire mission and experience with you, our church family, on June 25th over a potluck picnic dinner in the Barclay! Come for a church fellowship, family night – and for sharing about God’s global work.

In closing, here are some interesting facts on Wycliffe Bible Translators work globally. There is now more Bible translation work in progress than ever before!

· There are currently 7,388 languages in active use worldwide

· Only 724 of these have the complete Bible.

· 1,617 have a New Testament, and 1,248 languages have selections and stories. 

· There is work in progress through Wycliffe missionaries happening in 3,266 languages.

· 1 in 5 people, speaking 5,509 languages, do not have the whole Bible in their first, heart language.

· 129 million people, speaking 1,680 languages, still need translation work to begin so the unreached can receive God's Word.

Pray, please pray, for God's work in this world and for Wycliffe missionaries.

To the praise of His Glory – and until the whole world hears!