By: The Mission And Outreach Team

Ed. Note: Below is the contents of a letter received on 5/15/2023 from Dalton Dueck, Director of Member Services at Ethnos360 regarding the retirement of the Jordans, long-time Hebron mission partners.


“Dear Friends of Dave and Fran Jordan,

It is with a great deal of satisfaction that I invite you not only to share some memories with me of the service the Jordans have had with Ethnos360 (formerly New Tribes Mission), but also to look expectantly together to the future the Lord has in store for them.

Dave and Fran began their service with New Tribes Mission in 1977. When they retire this June, they will have served with New Tribes Mission/Ethnos360 for over 45 years.

In late 1977, after completing the New Tribes missionary training, Dave and Fran, with their three young daughters, traveled to the other side of the world to begin a life-long journey. Their hearts’ desire was to bring the knowledge of Christ to an unreached group of people in Thailand.

The first step was learning Thai language and culture in the bustling city of Bangkok. From there they relocated to the mountains of a then remote corner of northern Thailand in early 1979. Learning the Prai language and culture in a war torn area occupied the next four years of their lives. They formed relationships, helped develop a Prai writing system, and began preparing literacy materials, Scripture, and Bible lessons for evangelism.

Despite a slow initial response, the first young girl believed in 1987. As the first village received consistent foundational teaching, a greater response slowly spread among numerous villages. During this time Dave kept on with teaching, lesson writing, and translation while giving time to serve on the field leadership team for most years from 1988-2010. He also served as a translation consultant. Fran homeschooled their four children for many of these years and also taught women and children.

By 2009 Dave was able to devote more full-time attention to Bible translation, most of which was completed by 2019. The joyful dedication of the Prai Old Testament portions and New Testament took place in March 2020.

God continues to bless the spread of the gospel to new villages and also across the border to Prai villages in a neighboring country. The Jordans certainly have no regrets for having spent their lives to reach the unreached! You as supporters have been such a vital part of their journey, and we now share the joy of this wonderful harvest.

On June 1, 2023, Dave and Fran will officially move to retired status with Ethnos360, but as the Lord allows, they plan to remain in their present location continuing to help equip the slowly maturing Prai church. Two of their children and their families are also in Thailand and contribute in significant ways to the Prai church.
Together with the Jordans, we at Ethnos360 are grateful for your years of love, support, and prayers. We would like to thank you for your part in helping see the Prai people reached with the gospel and now reaching out to others. Thank you for continuing to stand with Dave and Fran and supporting them with your prayers. You will be pleased to know that if you wish, your gifts for the Jordans may still be sent to Ethnos360, and they will continue to be tax-deductible. As is intimated in the status “Retired Member,” Dave and Fran will be retiring but will continue as members of Ethnos360. They feel honored to continue sharing together with you in God’s work among the Prai people.

Thank you for your desire to be a part of the work of Ethnos360 as we strive together to make Christ known to every people group.”