Encouraging One Another

by Jennifer Balkey

The mission of Women’s Ministry at Hebron includes the word ‘encourage’. “To encourage God’s people at Hebron to grow Deeper in God’s love, Stronger in devotion to one another, and Beyond the bounds of the congregation.” Putting our mission into words was a long process that took much time and prayer. Yearly we review our mission statement to see if it still conveys the heart of what we believe our ministry at Hebron to be. Let’s look a little more deeply into the meaning of the word, ‘encourage’.

Here are some literal definitions that the dictionary provides: “(verb) 1. give support, confidence, or hope to (someone); 2. give support and advice to (someone) so that they will do or continue to do something; 3. help or stimulate (an activity, state, or view) to develop.”

Our prayer in Women’s Ministry is for each woman to grow in Christ. While it is undoubtedly the Holy Spirit who works to make the changes in us, we can be repeatedly distracted by many different things. Being an encouragement to one another requires one to be intentional, to be willing to speak truth, and to be honest with one another about where we are struggling or where we desire to grow. And it all starts with a willingness to spend time with one another.

Women’s Ministry is excited about some opportunities we have created for women to encourage one another. There are several IF:Tables being hosted that you can join or you can sign up to host one. An IF:Table is a place to enjoy a meal with five other ladies. Conversation starters are provided so that you can intentionally talk  about following Jesus and encouraging others to do likewise.

Another opportunity for encouragement is the Women’s Heart Breakfast on February 9th from 9:00 to 11:00 am in the Barclay Building. Kelly Knapp will encourage women to “SHINE like Stars”!! I pray you will join us and will prayerfully consider inviting a guest to attend so that she too can be encouraged.

You can register to serve (décor, set-up, greeting, food prep, clean-up) as well as to attend the event online at Hebron’s website: hebrononline.org/adults/women. You can also call/text Karen Painter to register at 412-720-9372.