Mobilization: Ethnos 360 & St. James Fellowship

Village teachers receive New Testaments in the Prai Language

Ethnos 360

Dave & Fran Jordan


On Sunday, November 18, the Prai Christians celebrated receiving the New Testament in print in their own language. We give thanks to God, who has accomplished this through so many who have had a part in this project over many years. Although Dave did the translating, it was only possible with uncounted members of the body of Christ using their various gifts.  THANK YOU to all!  TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!
Dave Jordan

The Prai believers at Knife Creek with the help of those in our village planned the dedication and celebration. The scheduled date was November 11, but due to the death and funeral of a recent Christian in Sandy Creek, there was a week delay.

A history of the translating work was given, books of the New Testament recited, memory verses recited, and then 27 Prai read and explained a verse from each book.  Greg Burt, working with the Thai Lue people, presented a New Testament to each of five men teaching in various villages. There was spirited singing with a new song added - a Prai version of "Facing a Task Unfinished." After teaching of the Word, a few Bible games were played before a delicious meal.

In about a year we hope to celebrate the receiving of a higher quality printing of combined Old Testament portions and the New Testament on Bible paper. Larger quantities of this edition will be printed.

Pray that God will bless his Word and through it bring many more to faith in Christ!

So thankful!  Dave and Fran

St. James Fellowship

Janie Mason

In his December newsletter, Reverend John Patterson represented St. James Fellowship this way: He said “St. James Fellowship could be described as a spiritual ark. We are a place of safety for people seeking rest for their souls. They are ailing and aging, lonely, or lost. Their souls find a place of spiritual safety as they hear the Word of God, take Holy Communion, and have Christian fellowship.” 

John is minister and director of SJF. He and the ministry team serve the people in eight facilities and others in their apartments. They regularly give the good news of salvation in Christ and lead people in worship. They visit them in hospitals and rehab centers. The mission helps people not only with their spiritual concerns, but also with their temporal concerns. St. James Fellowship buys groceries and helps with transportation. It gives financial help to good caregivers as they have need.

St. James Fellowship is a mission supported by Hebron Church. We support SJF financially, prayerfully, and with time and talents. As you pray, please pray for the ministry of St. James Fellowship, for the individuals it serves, and those who minister to them, especially John and Carol Patterson.

If you would like to find out more about St. James Fellowship or if you might like to be more closely involved in its ministry to the aging and disabled in the name of Jesus Christ, please go to the website at