To God Be the Glory!

by Doug Rehberg

Sunday, October 28th, was a day to long remember. Not only was it the first time in 28 years that Hebron’s congregation had the opportunity to extend a call to a new pastor; it was a day in which we could experience, in a tangible way, the power and glory of God in our midst.
Interestingly, Henry’s sermon text that day was Exodus 17:1-7. Not only does God take the judgment His people deserve upon Himself, the Rock of Horeb opens and out flows a stream of water that quenches the thirst of God’s people; a perfect portrait of the cross of Christ. The glory of God descends upon the rock, within the midst of the people of God, and the result is unmitigated grace.
Think of it. For more than a year, people inside and outside Hebron prayed that God would provide for a smooth and godly transition of leadership at Hebron. Rather than the typical 2-year break between one Senior Pastor and another, our prayer was that the Lord would send us a man who would serve as a Co-Pastor until assuming the Senior Pastor position in the Fall of 2021.
Now reflect on what the Lord has done to make that happen. More than a year ago He moved upon the heart of Jen Balkey, our Women’s Ministry leader, to ask Kelly Knapp to come and speak at the women’s retreat. Kelly was recommended by several Christian leaders around Pittsburgh as an excellent conference speaker. Prior to the retreat, Kelly was asked to come to the Heart Breakfast to speak, setting the stage for the retreat. When Kelly arrived at Hebron she sat in the parking lot and was moved to pray and ask the Lord, if it was His will, that she and Henry would be called to serve Him at a church like Hebron.
At the same time, Henry was sensing God’s call to leave First Presbyterian Church of Beaver. A good friend of Henry’s and Hebron suggested that this might be a good place for him to serve the Lord in ministry. The problem was that Henry was no longer serving in the PCUSA. First Presbyterian Church of Beaver had left the denomination in 2008, moving to the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.
After much prayer and consultation, Henry determined that he would be willing to come back to the PCUSA to serve at Hebron. However, to repatriate into the PCUSA required the Pittsburgh Presbytery to vote to receive an EPC minister who had left the denomination. The truth is, in the whole denomination, no one had ever repatriated! The policy stated that someone could, but no one had ever done it.
On September 20, 2018, after much deliberation, Pittsburgh Presbytery voted to approve Henry’s repatriation once a suitable call was issued by a member congregation. This Sunday Hebron voted overwhelmingly to issue that call.
The hours of meetings, negotiations, interviews, and preparation over the past seven months are only dwarfed by the time spent in prayer. Christians all around the city and beyond had been praying that the Lord’s will would be done on Sunday.
For those closest to the process, what happened at Hebron on Sunday was nothing short of a miracle. Though many had labored long and hard to bring it all about, once it arrived the glory of the Lord carried us. The truth is the Holy Spirit orchestrated everything that happened, and the result was joy and celebration.
Though we often pray for the glory of God to be visibly present among us on Sunday, it’s not often easy to discern. October 28th was different. What we asked for, God delivered. To God be the glory!

Remembering the Past and Preparing the Way for the Future

Where were you on Sunday, September 30, 1990 when Hebron’s members voted to call Doug Rehberg as Senior Pastor? Some of you were worshiping at Hebron; but most likely a significant number of you had never even heard of Hebron Church or its one-hundred-forty year history.

In 1990 the Chairman of the Pulpit Nominating Committee was William Reichenecker, Arthur Smith was the Clerk of Session, and William Swarner was President of the Board of Trustees—all terrific men who have since gone to be with the Lord. The PNC had searched all over the country for eighteen months, finally finding their candidate in nearby Somerset, PA. The congregation voted in a meeting in the sanctuary after worship to call Doug with a vote of 261 Yes,10 No, 6 Abstain. He was to start on January 1, 1991.

In 2018 Geoff Gehring is PNC Chair, Rod Herrmann is Clerk of Session, and Dave Schirm is President of the Board of Trustees. Our current PNC searched all over the country for eight months, finding their candidate in nearby Beaver, PA. The shortened time span is not due to less work on their part. With the development in technology, the committee was able to view candidate’s sermons via podcast, and interview them face-to-face via skype, removing the necessity of road trips across the country. The congregation voted in a meeting in the sanctuary after worship to call Henry with a vote of 257 Yes, 3 No. Henry will start on January 1, 2019.

On that day in 1990 it’s unlikely that anyone, let alone Doug Rehberg, thought that twenty-eight years and one month would pass before the congregation would vote for its next pastor. And no one would have conceived that the role would be as Co-Pastor in shared leadership with Doug, working together to prepare the way for Hebron’s future.

Doug came to Hebron at a time when the membership rolls had been in a steady decline, down to 714 in 1990 from a peak of 1331 in 1971. Average worship attendance was 288 and the annual operating budget was $213,442. Doug’s call was to revitalize a declining church. In 2018 our operating budget is $1,116,900, with a current membership of 720. Average worship attendance was over 500 four years ago, today it is less than 400. Our community has changed significantly over the past 28 years, but Hebron’s membership has remained steady. Many of our members no longer call Penn Hills home, yet they call Hebron their church home.

In many respects Hebron is at a similar place as it was nearly 30 years ago. The Scriptures are replete with examples of God revitalizing and refreshing the vision of His people. That’s where we are today. With the call of Henry Knapp, the planned expansion of the Barclay Building, and efforts to create new local ministries that meet the needs all around us, Hebron is poised to move into the future with its life-saving ministry.

Hebron Church has a rich legacy of strong leadership—with only nine senior pastors serving over its 168-year history. Henry Knapp will be number 10. The Lord has brought Henry and Kelly Knapp to Hebron—it will be exciting to see how He uses them here.

“For I know the plans I have for you...plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
Jeremiah 29:11

October 28 Was a Day to Remember

Photography courtesy of  Rena Hanaway and David Holzemer

Cupcakes were purchased from caterer, Chiyo Jannetta -
Pulled pork & cole slaw was from Pittsburgh Smokehouse -
Everything else was provided by our Hebron family

Children's Ministry

by Ellen Dillard

Family Christmas Box

One of the goals of our Kidz Ministry Team is to empower parents to be their kidz’ primary spiritual mentors. God designed families as His number 1 plan for discipleship for kidz. The church is only one avenue for kidz to grow as disciples, but not the only place. Leading kidz spiritually doesn’t have to be complicated – parents can weave faith conversations into everyday life at any time!

The goal of the Family Christmas Box is to get families talking together about spiritual things in fun and easy ways that engage kidz at any age.

Family Christmas Boxes will be available on the first Sunday of Advent, December 2ndInside the box are 4 bags – to be opened each Sunday of Advent. The bags are marked 1- 4 and inside parents will find activity ideas, Scripture reading, and an ornament that ties into the devotional for the day. Parents and kidz get an opportunity to talk about the Scriptures, pray and have fun together. It’s not complicated and can be a powerful way for families to connect and grow in Jesus

Shhh…Can you keep a secret?

Family Night Lights: December 7th, 6:30-8:00 pm
For:  K-5th Graders and their Families
Place:  Barclay Building

FNL is the place where K-5th Graders bring their parents to learn about Jesus and to have a TON OF FUN!

We can’t share many details BUT we can tell you this:

If your last name starts with…
A-N – Wear as much RED as you can!
M-Z – Wear as much GREEN as you can!

There is something special for the FAMILY that wears the most Red and Green!

People ask all the time…can we invite our neighbors to FAMILY NIGHT LIGHTS…and the answer is YES!  YES! And YES! Bring your friends and their parents, too! They’re looking for something cool to do on a Friday night, too! And it is free. Mark your calendars NOW and plan to join us for a night of family fun.

A Look Ahead

November 21 – No Kidz Club

December 5 – Kidz Club Christmas Extravaganza

December 7 – Family Night Lights, K-5th Graders and their Families

December 23 and 30 – All Kidz Small Groups worship with their Families

December 24 – Family Christmas Eve Service @ 4:00 pm, Barclay Building

January 6 –  All Kidz Small Groups Gather

January 9 – Kidz Club Starts Back

January 19 – Family Experience for Preschoolers

February 1 – Family Night Lights, K-5th Grade

Thank you for praying for our 4th/5th Graders while we were on our retreat in early November @ Pine Springs Camp. Kidz and leaders had a great time together growing in Jesus and in our friendships with each other. Rebecca Quel, 4th Grade Girls Small Group Leader, shared, “I was afraid that the girls would be talking all night long. Instead, I fell asleep listening to the girls in the bunk above me competing to find and read the scriptures we had discussed earlier.”  We went on a hunt for Wisdom:  Finding out what you should do and doing it.

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.” James 1:5

Our Present Deficit

by the Stewardship Team

Recently we announced through a congregational mailing that we are running behind in giving for our Operational Budget. Some have responded through stepping up their giving, but many others have not yet done so. At the end of September our deficit stood at $61,000. Though we can expect that gap to close throughout the last months of 2018, based on the experience of previous years, we are going to need many more of you to go beyond your normal giving levels to make that happen. Would you please prayerfully consider giving more to the ministry of Hebron Church in the final weeks of 2018? The ministries spotlighted in this newsletter and the scores of others not mentioned here could not take place without your contributions to our Operational Budget.

God is always faithful; may we be like Him. Thank you for your faithfulness and generosity!

Fall Into Him

by Jennifer Balkey

Women’s Ministry enjoyed an energizing, delicious, and uplifting Taste & See event October 29th. Around 80 women gathered in the Fellowship Hall with festive appetizers and desserts as they met new women and used God’s Word to pray with one another. We were also able to welcome Kelly Knapp (wife of Henry Knapp, Hebron’s new Co-Pastor beginning in January) into Women’s Ministry at Hebron. Women were very receptive to mixing things up as they were divided into smaller groups then encouraged to meet women that they didn’t know very well. Women were then given a “prompt” to discuss with one another as well as a take home gift with specific Scriptures to be used to pray for one another in various circumstances.

Our Women’s Ministry motto, Anchored & Reaching Out, was at the center of the theme, “FALL Into Him.” When we think about the word “fall” many things may come to mind (typically more negative than positive), such as: unintentional, accidental, injury, uncontrollable etc. But consider falling as something to do positively and purposefully. Have you ever heard of a trust fall? This is when a group of people line up behind you with their arms out to catch you as you cross your arms over your chest and FALL backwards into their arms. You are TRUSTING they are going to catch you. I can think of other words that describe an intentional fall - planned, assured, trustworthy, strong, safe, and dependable. Wouldn’t you agree that God embodies all of these descriptions? God is the Planner. He is the Creator. He always keeps His promises. He is STRENGTH. He is so safe. We can absolutely depend on Him! I don’t know about you, but I can say with confidence that I would feel more comfortable FALLING into Him than falling into my bed. (Side note: I love my bed. It is SO hard for me to get up in the morning.)

What are some practical ways that we can fall into Jesus’ arms? We can run to Him with our cares and troubles to affirm or correct us. Why go find a Band-Aid for your problem when you can freely consult with the Great Physician, the One who created you and knows everything about you? During our Fall Gathering we focused on going to God’s Word when praying for others as Psalm 119:103 says, “How sweet are Your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth.” Hebrews 4:12(a) says, “For the Word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword…” When you are feeling weak, at a loss for words, or know you need to pray, but just don’t know where to start... what better way than with His own Word?!? His Word is ALIVE!

There is no need to feel intimidated or fearful when you come before God in prayer when you are armed with His living Word. There is no reason to shy away from praying with someone, when God has provided all the words you need. Trust Him. FALL into Him. What better way to ANCHOR yourself in Him and His Word than to use His Word to REACH OUT to others.

“Take the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God… that words may be given to me in opening my mouth boldly to proclaim the mystery of the gospel,” Ephesians 6: 17(b), 19


by Bill Kear

GATHER: Penn Hills Service Association

Hebron’s goal is always to grow deeper in our knowledge of God and His Word; stronger by connecting with each other; and BEYOND by serving those beyond our doors. Addressing that third objective, Hebron’s Mobilization Team is currently hosting a church-wide BEYOND GATHER.

The GATHER benefits neighbors served by the Penn Hills Service Association, one of the missions our church supports. For over 50 years, under the direction of Ed Hoover, the PHSA has provided food, clothing, and other household items to those in need. Our prayer, our challenge, our invitation in this GATHER is for each one of us to bring non-perishable food items to Hebron each week through November 11. Particularly needed are canned goods – fruit, soup, and vegetables. Items are being collected at the main building and in the Barclay Building. Mobilization will then deliver them to the PHSA in time for their Thanksgiving giveaways.

Worship should be at the center of our lives. And that worship includes the willing, joyful giving of our resources. Those engaged in the Gather learn firsthand what it means to share what they have with neighbors in need. Further, they see that they are really serving Jesus. Let each of us look and see that “the Lord has dealt bountifully” with us. He has provided us gifts – not for ourselves – but for us to serve others.
According to what the Lord has given you, what can you share with neighbors in need? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, together, we could build a wall of non-perishable food items – a wall that would, through the PHSA, give comfort to those who are in need at this harvest time? Together we can be a blessing to the least, the last, and the lost … in Jesus’ name.

Andrew Churchill
GATHER: Urban Impact

“For the Word of the Lord is right and true; he is faithful in all he does.” Psalm 33:4
Urban Impact’s current Fall Newsletter identified their primary focus as a ‘build and release’ organization. Their purpose is to reach children and youth with the Gospel, disciple them to become strong in their relationship with Jesus Christ, and to successfully launch them into their adult lives. For over 25 years, UIF (Urban Impact Foundation) has been faithfully living out that calling in the neighborhoods of Pittsburgh’s North Side.

While sharing God’s Word is surely joyful, it is not always easy, especially in an environment where broken homes, addiction, and broken families are commonplace. Thankfully, the Lord calls willing, enthusiastic, and capable servants to these challenging mission fields. Andrew Churchill, our friend and brother in the body at Hebron, is one such example of a dedicated follower of Jesus serving at Urban Impact.

Starting in December, the Hebron Mobilization Team in conjunction with Hebron Kidz, have decided to organize the purchase, collection, and distribution of Youth Bibles to share with Urban Impact. Several details need to be ironed out, but look for specific information by mid-November. Hopefully you will feel led to be involved in some way, in what promises to be a wonderful Gather/Give event at Hebron for our ministry partners at Urban Impact.

The Word of God is indeed right and true; and what a joyful privilege it is to share the Word with young folks and families under the Urban Impact umbrella!

To find out more about the dynamic ministry at Urban Impact, please visit their website at There are so many diverse activities and programs they have in place to reach those in need!

Thank You

My mother and I wish to say thank you to the whole church, not only for the CDs of the sermons which my mother listens to faithfully, but also for the beautiful flowers which were delivered to her apartment on Sunday. Your church doesn’t just say it cares, it shows it! 

Fondly, Leaona McConnell and Jean Knaff

Ed. Note: Leona, a Seneca Village resident, celebrated her 100th birthday recently.

Setting Course for Hebron's Future - An Unconventional Approach

by Doug Rehberg
A recent poll conducted by Lifeways Research suggests that the average stay of a Senior Pastor of a church is 3.6 years. The Barna Research Group puts the number at 4 years. Other recent studies estimate pastoral tenure a bit more positively with a range of 5 to 7 years. And yet, when measures of church effectiveness are compared to pastoral tenure, the data shows that pastoral tenure in an effective church ministry doesn't begin until the 14th year. This means that the vast majority of pastors in America never get close to statistical effectiveness.
In February 1990, I went to the elders of my previous church and said, “I believe the Lord may be calling me away from St. Paul’s. I have not been actively looking for another call, I simply want you to know if God may be leading you to think the same way. If He is, He will tell you. If not, I’ll know that perhaps I’m not hearing Him correctly.”
For the next twenty minutes I detailed the reasons why I believed the Lord might be calling me away. Throughout the presentation I was careful to separate my own desires from the needs of the church. I told them that I loved it there. I loved them and all that the Lord had done  there over the past 6 years. Throughout it all, I made clear that the interests of the church were paramount. I also noted that in my years of ministry there the vision the Lord had given me had been largely accomplished.
After several months of  prayer and discernment, every elder could see how God might be leading us to separate. By May the groundwork was laid for a pastoral transition at the end of the year. By the time I left them, their new pastor was identified and began within 4 months. (Interestingly, he served there faithfully for 25 years.)
The process we followed was unconventional. In the vast majority of cases, a pastor covertly seeks another call. When one is identified he crosses all the “T’s”, dots all the “I’s”, and announces his departure to the congregation a month or so before he leaves. While he may know his short-term future, the church he leaves rarely does. The average length of time between the departure of one pastor and the arrival of another is two years.
In the spring Hebron chose to undertake a similar unconventional approach in hiring our next Senior Pastor. Within weeks, on October 28, the Pastoral Nominating Committee will present a Co-Pastor candidate to the congregation of Hebron Church. He will be preaching that Sunday morning and a congregational meeting will follow where you will be given an opportunity to endorse the PNC’s selection. With the advent of an experienced Co-Pastor, Hebron will have two ordained  Presbyterian pastors serving in a  co-equal capacity.
Until the final transition is made in September 2021, when the Co-Pastor becomes Senior Pastor, there will be considerable change in every aspect of our ministry. We will gain a new energy and perspective while avoiding a leadership gap of two years or more.
Inside the pages of this Herald you will be introduced to Rev. Dr. Henry Knapp, our candidate for Co-Pastor. I am thrilled at the prospect of serving the Lord and Hebron alongside Henry.

PNC Identifies a Co-Pastor

by Geoff Gehring

Back on September 15, 2017 Hebron’s Say Yes initiative was launched. One critical element of that initiative was to hire a Co-Pastor to serve alongside Doug Rehberg until the Fall of 2021, when the Co-Pastor would assume the role of Senior Pastor. The first step in that process was to form a Pulpit Nominating Committee (PNC).

On February 25, 2018 the congregation elected the PNC which includes: 3 active elders -   Rod Herrmann, Clerk of Session, Geoff Gehring, Personnel Chair, Janie Mason, Mobilization Chair; past elder– Dan Brown; and Discipleship Team member, Laura Ivanov. Bill Martin, retired Old Testament professor and Dominical Grove Leader acted as a non-voting member. Dolly Patterson, Mobilization Team member, was elected as an alternate.

The initial meeting of the PNC took place shortly thereafter. Our first step was to develop the MIF (Ministry Initiative Form) that details not only the life and ministry of Hebron, but also what we are looking for in a Co-Pastor. In response to the MIF we received 34 Personal Information Forms (PIFs) from around the country. Since that time we have spent hours on correspondence, reviewing PIFs, conducting interviews, prayer and discernment.

On September 24, 2018, it was our privilege and honor to recommend Rev. Dr. Henry Knapp, unanimously and whole-heartedly, to the Session of Hebron as our candidate of choice.

After presenting him to Session, the elders had a full and open discussion and were led of God to unanimously and enthusiastically endorse Henry Knapp as the candidate to be presented for a congregational vote on Sunday, October 28, 2018 at an 11:15 am Congregational Meeting. This meeting will follow the second of two worship services that morning—8:15 in the Barclay; 10:00 am in the Sanctuary. A full luncheon will be held following the meeting in the Barclay Building.

If the congregation votes to call Henry, the next and final step in the process will be to present Henry to the Pittsburgh Presbytery for approval on December 6, 2018. He would begin serving at Hebron in January, 2019.

In addition to the following article, more information on Henry’s background will be coming in the mail soon. Speaking on behalf of the PNC, I wish to thank you for your prayers and devotion to our work over the past six months. We are thrilled to have had you join us in discerning God’s will for Hebron. Your chance to ratify our choice will occur on October 28.

It’s exciting to see what God will do at Hebron in the coming years.

Meet the Knapps

Henry Knapp grew up in Conneaut Lake, PA. He attended Carnegie Mellon University and graduated with a degree in Chemistry. During his student days at CMU he was introduced to the Gospel of Jesus Christ through effective campus ministry. After months of the Lord pursuing Henry, he responded to the Gospel, receiving Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.
After several years of work in the sciences, the Lord called Henry to begin working for the Coalition for Christian Outreach out of Bellefield Presbyterian Church in Oakland. It was there that he met Kelly Longenecker (originally from Lancaster, PA) and she felt a call to the ministry as well. Henry and Kelly were married in 1989 and she joined him on staff full-time.
During Henry’s college student ministry days at Bellefield from 1987 to 1995, he met and worked closely in ministry with several members of the Hebron Church family including Greg and Beth Anderson and Gordon and Ruth Ann Slippy. He also developed a long-standing friendship with Rev. Ken Wagoner, who many of you know as a friend and regular guest preacher at Hebron.
After the Bellefield years, they moved North of Boston where they attended Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary together. Henry earned an M.Div. and a Masters of Theological Studies. Kelly earned a Masters in Counseling; Marriage and Family Therapy.
After earning their degrees, the Knapps moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where Henry worked as the Assistant to the Pastor at Eastminster Presbyterian Church for 3 years. During this time, Henry earned his Ph.D. in Reformed Theology at Calvin Theological Seminary.
In 2000, Henry and Kelly with their 2 year-old daughter and 6 month-old son moved to Beaver, PA, where Henry became the Associate Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Beaver. His focus for the past 18 years has been Adult Discipleship, Christian Education, preaching and teaching, and international missions. He has trained and led mission teams in Romania, Haiti, Nicaragua, Peru, and Kenya, and has been a regular retreat and conference speaker.
He has also served as adjunct Professor of Theology at Trinity Evangelical Seminary in Deerfield, IL and Trinity School for Ministry in Ambridge, PA. 
Henry says his primary passion is for the Word of God and the pursuit of God’s glory in all of life. He and Kelly have been joyfully married for 29 years and love the outdoors, reading, traveling, family time, and cheering on all Pittsburgh sport teams.
A full-time mother and volunteer ministry for the past 16 years, Kelly has worked as a Teacher’s Assistant with Life-Skills community at Beaver Area High School for the past few years. Kelly is also a gifted Bible teacher, retreat and conference speaker. Many of you may know her as the speaker at the 2017 Women’s Retreat in Laurelville.
Their daughter, Sabrina, is 21-years-old and a Junior at West Chester University, studying Middle Education (English) and vocal performance (minor). In both high school and college she has been heavily involved in the music program. At college she is also very involved in campus ministry (CRU) and being an RA.
Jason, their son, is 19-years-old and a freshman at Penn State, Main Campus studying Chemical Engineering. Jason was heavily involved in the music program in high school and is now actively engaged in Penn State’s campus ministry (RUF).
Currently living in Beaver, Henry and Kelly will be relocating to the Penn Hills area upon confirmation of his call.

Children's Ministry

by Ellen Dillard

Overnight camp to grow deeper in our love 
for Jesus
and stronger in our friendships

Date:  November 2 and 3
Where:  Pine Springs Camp, Jennerstown, PA
Cost:  $55— price includes lodging, food, activities

When Jesus was a boy, He grew in wisdom. God wants us to discover wisdom, too. When we make the wise choice, we reflect the character of Jesus to people around us. That’s why giving kids a strong foundation of wisdom is important. We want them to be equipped to face whatever choices they may need to make in the future.

Wisdom is more than just being smart. It’s more than knowing the difference between right and wrong. Wisdom means learning how to see life from God’s perspective. It’s finding out what you should do . . . and doing it! Since God is the source of all wisdom, we want kids to understand that they can always go to Him to find it. We’ve got to go on “The Hunt” because His wisdom is worth searching for.

 “For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding the promise for both the present life and the life to come.”  1 Timothy 4:8a

Growing in faith takes time and effort. There are four faith skills that every kid can learn and practice to help them grow in their relationship with Jesus. They are: Hear, Pray, Talk, Live. 

HEAR: Listen to God’s Word.
When we read the Bible and listen to what God has to tell us through His Word, we learn we can trust God no matter what.

PRAY: Dialogue with God.
Through prayer we connect with God. We show gratitude, say we’re sorry, and express our feelings to God.

TALK: Articulate your faith.
When we talk about our faith, we learn more about God and can tell others about Jesus.

LIVE: Worship with your life.
Worshipping God is more than just singing songs. Worship is about living life in a way that honors God.
These four faith skills have the potential to create an incredible spiritual foundation in the lives and futures of your kids.  Read more HERE.

Shout Out…

To the Kidz Club Taco Kitchen Team
Thank you for serving us Tacos once a month!
They are delicious, and you are the BEST!!!
We couldn’t do it without our Kitchen Teams!!

 “Back to School Meltdown”

This special evening for 5th graders was hosted by Hebron’s 5th Grade Girls Small Group Leaders  - Cindy Painter and Jen Stolarz. The girls gathered at Miss Jen’s house to reconnect and get excited for the new small group year, play some games and roast marshmallows. It was a great way to kick off the year! Thank you Miss Cindy and Miss Jen!