Say YES Update

by Keith Balkey

The New Year continues to bring exciting change to Hebron. As Henry Knapp transitions into his new role as Co-Pastor, the Vision Team is actively working on plans for the Barclay Building. During our last congregational meeting, I spoke to all of you who were in attendance about progress on the Barclay Building. At that time Session was considering a recommendation from the Vision Team to align with estimated Say Yes pledges, which is right around $1 million. (We have a total of $807,000 on-hand with another $212,000 in outstanding pledges.) The recommended scope will focus on a permanent stage, installation of new sound & lighting, and aesthetic improvements to the Barclay space. 

After discussion at the November Session meeting, Session unanimously approved moving forward with the revised plan. The Vision Team actively began working with our architect, Gerard Associates, in December and is in the process of finalizing all of the drawings to send out for bid in this month, with the goal of starting construction at the end of April. Be on the lookout in February at the 10:45 service for the testing of new sound equipment. There will be a few Sundays next month when we will be working with our sound & lighting partner to take a few different sound systems for a test drive to help identify what best fits our worship space. It will be very exciting to see the progress of these new developments in action, so please be sure to attend! 

Ok, that’s it for now. As activities ramp up quickly, we will continue to keep all of you informed of key dates and activities. Thank you for your support and prayer as we work to fulfill the Lord’s plan for Hebron.