China Outreach Ministry

by John Sciullo

When it comes time for one’s son or daughter to leave the nest and begin their college career, they are exposed to a world that is unlike anything they experienced as a child or during their high school years. They do not always have the benefit of immediate feedback from parents or other adult mentors. Their schedules soon become overwhelming and, for many, keeping a strong relationship with Christ presents new challenges. However, for those whose culture of origin does not foster a relationship with Christ and are 7,000 miles from home, resolving such problems can seem hopeless.

The China Outreach Ministry, COM, is an organization that addresses the needs of these students. Their mission is to bring the good news of the Gospel to our Chinese brothers and sisters, so they may flourish in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. COM also trains them to be witnesses for Christ when they return home. In the words of the China Outreach Ministry,

“We focus our ministry on ‘Giving Christ to China’s Future Leaders’…”

Ken Wagoner has been instrumental in addressing the needs of these students through COM. He not only strives to provide this spiritual refuge but also addresses the social needs of his Chinese brothers and sisters by bringing fellow countrymen together for studies, fellowship, and interaction. Through the Mobilization Team, Hebron Church supports Ken in his endeavor.

Right now, Ken is asking for prayer in two areas. First, a prayer for a young man who came to know Christ and is returning to China to proclaim the Good News. Specifically, pray for his safety and the safety of those to whom he ministers as following Christ in China today is a dangerous path to take. Second, a prayer of thanksgiving for two students who have just arrived and already have expressed a desire to know Christ. This is exciting because they have just begun their education in Pittsburgh. They will be here from 4 to 6 years helping others grow in their faith. This is truly a rare blessing.