Women's Choice Network

by Dolly Patterson

Have you heard of Option Ultrasound? This is just one of the many services offered at Women’s Choice Network. Many women do not have the opportunity to hear or see their baby before they choose to abort. That is where the Women’s Choice Network (WCN) begins their ministry and the God stories begin. They come to WCN scared, pregnant, and alone or married with an over-stretched budget or in an ungodly marriage. These women believe their only way out is an abortion. Our counselors spend time with them in prayer, care and counseling. As a result, 85% of these women choose life.

“No one knows and no one has to know,” was Renee’s response to her positive pregnancy test. She went on to say that her parents did not know she was even in a relationship. She admitted to feeling stressed by the secrets she was keeping. She continued, “I’m pro-life, but it will make my life much easier if I have an abortion.” The nurse invited Amanda  to return a few days later to see her ultrasound.

At the beginning of that second visit, nothing had changed. Renee still had her secrets, and she was still considered by the nurse to be abortion-determined. But after seeing her baby on the screen and talking through her situation again, Renee  wasn’t as sure about having an abortion. She admitted that she was ready to open up to her boyfriend. She also agreed to talk with Jessica Patterson (our Broken Vessels coordinator) about her secrets. During this conversation she verbalized again, “I always thought I was pro-life, but I feel so uncertain and unsure of my future. I just don’t know what to do.” Jessica reinforced the emotional aftermath that can come from keeping secrets and suggested that she begin to clarify her foundational beliefs. When Renee left that day, we began to pray for wisdom and clarity. At her next visit, the huge smile on her face gave away her newfound sense of peace and relief. She had talked to her boyfriend about her pregnancy, and he was thrilled. They had already picked up their marriage license, and together they were planning on telling her parents the great news. This young couple is now enrolled in our Life Support Program.

Your investment in this ministry truly changes hearts and lives. Thank you for your prayers and your ongoing support!