Teens Support the Holly Alm Camp Scholarship Fund

by Carrie Hendrickson

Rebecca Malek and Carrie Hendrickson
The Holly Alm Camp Scholarship Fund has played an instrumental part in the lives of over 940 kids! 

On October 8th the Holly Alm Camp Scholarship Celebration was held at Edgewood Country Club to raise money for kids to attend camp. Hebron students raised money to attend the event  and to donate to the fund. Starting on September 10th Student Ministries sold Mason jars filled with cookie, brownie and soup mixes at $10 each. Our goal was to bring in $1,000 to cover the cost of 10 dinners equaling $450, and to donate the other $550 to the camp fund. 

WE HIT OUR GOAL!!!! We sold 134 Mason jar mixes and sent 10 students to the dinner.
Two of our students had a prominent role in the evening program. Ian Slippy had the honor of praying for dinner and Rebecca Malek gave her testimony. Both students did an amazing job.  Rebecca spoke about her relationship with Holly, the joy of camp, and how it changed her life. She also thanked the HACSF for the support she received that enabled her to attend camp.

Rebecca’s testimony was a great witness of how God uses camps in the lives of young people to change, mold, and shape their faith. Thank you to all who supported the students in buying Mason jar mixes and thank you for those who support the HACSF.  You are making a difference in the lives of students.