Staff Changes

If you’ve called the church office over the past couple of months, you may have been surprised when someone new answered the phone. Quite a few changes have happened since our last newsletter!
Dianne Jozwick came on board in May as Administrative Assistant, working in the office Tuesday through Thursday afternoons alongside Ethel Keim and all day Friday. Dianne graduated from Duquesne University with a Psychology degree and a minor in Mathematics and completed her Master of Science in Information Science and Telecommunications at the University of Pittsburgh. In addition to working in the computer field for most of her career, she taught secondary math and computers early on and loved her moonlighting job working in a bookstore. She enjoys working on her 100 year old home in Forest Hills, skiing, bike riding, and spending time in the mountains.
Sarah Miller
Sarah Miller resigned her position as Treasurer/Administrative Assistant in June to pursue a new opportunity. Her new position enables her to work full-time from home with flexible hours that give her more time to spend time with her family. She graciously agreed to continue as Treasurer this summer until a replacement could be found. Although we will surely miss Sarah in the office, we will still be seeing the Miller family at worship and church activities.
When searching for Sarah’s replacement the Personnel Team opted to split her full-time position into two dedicated part-time positions: Treasurer and Administrative Assistant.
During the month of June, Trustee and Personnel Team member, Lynn Zimmer, volunteered her time in the front office to help offset the additional workload while the search for an Administrative Assistant was underway. The gift of Lynn’s time and talent was a real blessing, and we are all most thankful.
After a month-long search, Jodie Skanderson joined the staff in July as Administrative Assistant, working at the front desk opposite hours from Dianne and Ethel—all day Monday and Tuesday through Thursday mornings. Her previous office experience in various medical settings has well-prepared her to handle the various tasks of our fast-paced front office. Jodie and her husband, John and son, Alex, live in Penn Hills. She has a heart for meal ministries and enjoys reading and charity sewing.
Gus Anderson was hired in late July as our new Treasurer. Gus is a Certified Public Accountant whose previous experience with non-profits includes Director of Finance at the Jewish Family Service Association of Cleveland and Chief Financial Officer at LifeBank, Inc. A Penn Hills resident, Gus is married to Lora Lee and they have four children and four grandchildren. His main hobby is golfing.
We are delighted to welcome these three talented individuals to Hebron’s staff. Please give them a warm welcome when you see them.