"Say Yes" Crosses the Million Dollar Mark

by Doug Rehberg

By this time we hope that everyone who is reading this article is fully aware of what the SAY YES: Investing in the Future effort entails. However, even as recently as last week we have had people asking to explain our plan and our financial goals.

In short, we seek to raise $1.6 million by 2021 to accomplish three important goals for insuring the future health and vitality of Hebron’s ministry: (1) fund the on-boarding of a Co-Pastor; (2) establish a ministry initiative fund that will position Hebron to seize new ministry opportunities that will impact the community and beyond; and (3) expand and enhance our facilities by renovating and enlarging the Barclay Building.

When the Session voted to hold a kick-off Say Yes Gala at Edgewood Country Club in September of 2017, we already had $465,000 on hand that was contributed to a capital fund over the years. That left $1,135,000 to be raised.

Since then $535,000 has been pledged and/or received. On-hand receipts have grown to $707,000 with a remaining $294,000 pledged. While we still have a gap of $600,000 to fill, the response of many has been strong. Since the end of our pledge effort an additional 47 families have contributed to SAY YES: Investing in the Future, bringing the total number of families who are “in” to 174. In addition, we have received $4,000 given anonymously by visitors, or those who do not wish to be identified.

If you have not yet given to “SAY YES” or if you feel led to give even more, we certainly would welcome it! As you know, the Co-Pastor search is on. The architect is putting construction drawings out for pricing. Our intention is to begin work on the Barclay Building in the spring of 2019. The only question that remains is how much of the overall plan can we begin in 2019.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Ed. Note: If you would like a reminder of the “Say Yes” details, you can view it on our website: www.hebrononline.org