Mobilization: Serge

by Barrett Hendrickson
Have you ever heard of the 10-40 Window? Between the northern latitudes of 10 degrees and 40 degrees, and the western point of Africa to the eastern point of Asia is home to the majority of the world’s unevangelized countries. These people have minimal knowledge of the Gospel, and even less of a valid opportunity to respond to it. There are very few Christian churches. Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and non-religion dominate these areas. However, we do support some Missionaries in these regions.
Our partnership with Serge is one of those relationships. We support a family in North Africa who serve as pastors to other workers in that city. They have been doing great work supporting the Christians who are laboring in bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to their Muslim dominated city. They are also meeting with local citizens who are curious about Jesus, and have even baptized a few new believers. This is huge. A Muslim converting means that he is giving up many of his relationships, and choosing Jesus over much of his family.

You can continue to pray for this family in several ways. First, please pray that their local gathering of Christians would feel called to lead their local church, as they seek to establish Elders and Deacons. Second, you can pray for the strength and vitality of the persecuted Christians they minister to. Over the next month you can pray for the Christians who are living in families that are celebrating Ramadan. Pray for courage, boldness, and opportunities to be salt and light.

Finally, you can encourage our friends by joining us for a cookout on July 29th after the 10:45 service. The family will be with us during worship, and would love to meet you and tell you about the work they are doing to establish the Church in an unreached area of the world.