Women's Ministry - WM - What Matters?

by Jen Balkey

A common sentiment heard many times is, does it really matter? That can be a really good question to ask sometimes, especially when tensions run high and resources run low. How often as women can we relate to those circumstances? Quite often probably. So while we may not have a lot of time to dissect the pros and cons of a situation to determine its placement in the grand scheme of things, we can try to keep a few things in the forefront of our minds to help us make wise choices. My hope is at the core we know at least these 2 things to be true- we are women and we have a mission/ministry to fulfill here at Hebron.

Our Words Matter - The words we use and the way we use them can have a huge impact on others. Wisely chosen, and prayerfully considered, words can bring life and healing while quick and careless words can lead to hurt and division. God knew that we would be weak in the mastery of our tongue. The Bible has many scriptures to guide us in the way we use our words. We know statistically that women use more words a day than men - so we had better heed its instruction.

Our Worship Matters - Those things that we place as priorities in our life tend to point us in the direction of what our heart is worshipping. Do you ever stop and reflect on your priorities? Where does Jesus, His church, and the ministry the Lord has called you to fall in relation to me’ time, social time, culture, sporting, or adventure pursuits? God KNOWs where our heart and worship are centered. He has also made it very clear where He wants it to be - on Him and His ministry that He has placed us here to do. So while we go about checking off the boxes of the day - are we doing it for His glory? Are we worshipping Him, rejoicing in what we have been given the responsibility to do (being a parent, worker, caregiver, spouse), and joyfully serving Him? If we keep our eyes on Jesus and see our lives as part of a bigger picture, we can worship God in all that comes our way!

Wisdom Matters - Are you quick to act and speak? Do you reflect on those things that you choose to surround you - music, media, and people? Are these things helping to focus you on the things of God, encourage you in your walk with Jesus and make things in your life brighter, or do they draw you away and distract you from the mission you have here? Daniel reminded us of the importance of wisdom in Daniel 12:3 where it says, Those who are wise [or who impart wisdom] will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever. You will have eternal reward for living a life with wisdom that helps others turn to God!

We Matter- we are the church! As women we have a lot of influence. Whether it is with our spouse and children, our co-workers, friends, or neighbors, we can make a big impact. Do people know you are a Christ follower? How do they know - by your words and actions? We can continue to be a witness for Christ, as we have been called to, or we can cause confusion and doubt, driving people away. Let your light shine before others…”