Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of hiring a Co-Pastor in 2018?

There are 3 important advantages in hiring a co-pastor. First, it will provide necessary support to a growing area of Hebron’s ministry—Young Adult and Families. Second, a co-pastor provides ministry continuity as our Senior Pastor position transitions over the coming years. Third, a co-pastor enables Hebron’s ministry future to remain the vision and mission of  this congregation with no interference from Pittsburgh Presbytery. (Should no co-pastor be in place when Doug retires, we would need to do a search, have an interim pastor for at least a year, with the new pastor needing to be approved by Presbytery.)

Why is $150,000 needed for the on-boarding of the co-pastor?

At present our current budget does not allow for the full funding of the co-pastor position. $150,000 is the amount of money the Financial Advisory Team has established as a comfortable cushion that may be necessary to supplement Hebron’s operating budget over the next three years to provide for this new position.

Would this hire affect our disassociation stance with Presbytery?

No, because the co-pastor position is a defined, recognized position in the constitution of the PCUSA.

Is there room on the new Session Teams for new participants? How do I join?

Absolutely. Simply contact any team lead or member of a team to make your desire to participate known. (A list of each team’s members can be found on the back of the Gala booklet.)

Why not just borrow the money commercially?

Since the 2007 housing crisis, the requirements a church must meet to borrow commercially are excessive. Additionally, entering into a loan would require us to encumber our property, which requires Presbytery approval. As a result of our strong start in fundraising (41% of needed funds given or pledged by the time of the Gala) we believe commercial borrowing is not necessary.

How many individuals/families account for the $114,000 raised from the leadership challenge match and/or who does this include?

Twenty-five—staff members and current elders

How much additional square footage will we be adding to the Barclay Building?

Approximately 6,000 square feet including the stage, lobby, and new storage space.

Why do we need $90,000 for sound and lighting?

Actually this figure is substantially less than several projections we received over the last few weeks. All new speakers, impervious to damage from balls used in the gym, must be integrated in the ceiling and walls. Additionally, the lighting needs of the worship space are far greater than current lighting affords us. We aren’t talking strobe lights, etc., but necessary lighting and sound to enable all to see and hear most effectively.

Why not just outfit the sanctuary for a band and stop having a service at the Barclay?

We thought long and hard about this decision and there are a number of reasons we did not find this a viable option. We are committed to offering 3 distinct worship styles with the same message at each. Currently 66% of our congregation worships at the Barclay Building. Additionally, to change our sanctuary design to adequately accommodate electric worship would actually be more expensive than the work being done in the stage area of the Barclay. We would not be able to accommodate a café service at the main building. There is no way we can adequately make changes to increase lobby space in the main building. And it would drastically change the look of our traditional sanctuary.

Join us on October 22, 2017 at the Congregational Meeting for an update—12:15 pm at the Barclay Building.