Update from the Pulpit Nominating Committee

by Geoff Gehring

Greetings, members and friends of Hebron. The Pulpit Nominating Committee (PNC) continues to faithfully respond to our election in February to search for a Co-Pastor as identified in the Say Yes! initiative. We thank you for your prayerful support during these past six months.

The committee has logged an abundance of hours of deliberation since our last update in early summer. We have been working through the book of Colossians together as we prepare our hearts and minds before each session. Our August meeting was focused on Colossians 3:12-17 and Isaiah 40:28-41:20.

As part of the discernment process, the PNC has identified a final round of candidates for interview. As of July 31, our Ministry Information Form (MIF) is no longer active on the denominational website. Our focus is now to employ behavioral-based interview techniques to identify a theological match with Hebron’s commitment to the authority of Scripture as well as a staff cultural fit. 

In accordance with the PNC process for hiring a Co-Pastor, Doug Rehberg has been brought into the final phase of the selection process, since the Co-Pastor role requires significant cohesion with him. The committee has appreciated his insight on several candidates. We look forward to presenting a final candidate for your consideration and endorsement in September or October. All candidates for the position are currently serving other congregations, so confidentially continues to be important. 

Although we have identified a final round of candidates, this does not necessarily mean that one of them will be selected. Additionally, the candidate we do select may not elect to take the position. If this is the case, the PNC is prepared to continue the recruitment process beyond the stated timeline. Our greatest desire is to clearly identify the person that has been called by God to advance the ministry of Hebron Church in the years to come, not to simply fill the position by a desired time.  That being said, the committee is enthusiastic about the current candidates. 

Please continue to join the PNC, Session, and the leadership staff in praying for God's wisdom with this selection. We seek to have Him glorify the Lord through the process and show the world how this position will positively impact Hebron Church. You are always welcome to call me for further discussion at 412-855-7600. Thank you for the opportunity to serve the church in this capacity.