By Barrett Hendrickson

You know that our vision at Hebron is to be used by God to show Himself to the world. The task of the Mobilization Team aligns directly with that vision. We are a group of people directed to lead Hebron’s congregation in showing  God to the world. We are the team that interacts first hand with our mission partners who are serving the Lord in the world. Their focus is on their missions: and we come alongside them to support what they do. Our mission partners are doing things like homeless ministry, restoring a community, providing furniture and food to those in need, preaching in an unreached nation, preparing new believers to go back to unreached nations, and translating the Bible into a language for the first time.
As always, we are looking for people to join us by interacting with our partners, attending fundraising dinners, and serving our partners in their ministry context. We are also thrilled when we get to send our members out to the mission field. If you feel an urge to explore missions, please let us know. We also ask you to pray for our partners as they continue their work.

Please look for our articles in the Hebron Herald spotlighting our mission partners and the kind of work they are doing. We also have bulletin boards in the Barclay Building and the administrative wing of the main building where we highlight our partners. We also keep the newsletters of our partners updated at

This summer we have a great opportunity for you to engage with our two global missionaries. Dan Weightman of Caribbean Youth Network will be preaching in all 3 services on May 27. We will host an open Sloppy Joe lunch after the 10:45 service when you can meet Dan, his wife Kelly, and their son Kai. July 29 we will have a similar lunchtime meet-and-greet after 10:45 with our partners who are working in North Africa. (We omit their names on web-published documents for their safety.)
Please put these dates on your calendar and consider how you might join the Hebron Mobilization team in continuing to shine the light of Christ in our neighborhood, our country, and beyond.