An Update from the Pulpit Nominating Committee

by Geoff Gehring

The PNC members would like to thank those who prayerfully supported our meeting on Monday, April 15th. Over 20 candidates have been reviewed in detail as part of the discernment process.  Please continue to watch for updates in the bulletin and the E-Newsletter for progress on the recruitment for the Co-Pastor. Our target remains to have this candidate identified by this summer. Our next meeting is May 2nd. 

You are encouraged to review the Ministry Informational Form (MIF) that the PNC has approved to help attract candidates to this position. It can be located online at: Simply search for a "Co-Pastor" position in Pennsylvania.  If you would prefer to have the MIF emailed to you in PDF, please contact the church office. 

The PNC remains open to your feedback and communication. Please feel free to contact me at or on my cell phone at  412-855-7600. Thank you for your prayers and support.