Co-Pastor Search: The Pulpit Nominating Committee

At the February 25 Congregational meeting, Hebron’s membership voted unanimously to approve Session’s recommendations for the Pulpit Nominating Committee (PNC). These dedicated individuals have committed to work tirelessly on our behalf to find the Co-Pastor the Lord has prepared to serve alongside Doug Rehberg.

Following submission of our MIF (Ministry Initiative Form) for distribution throughout the nation in mid-March, many PIFs (Personal Information Forms) will be received from interested candidates. The PNC will review every one of them to discern which candidates should be given further consideration.

Meet Hebron’s PNC:

Geoff Gehring, Chair. Geoff is currently serving on Session as Personnel Chair. He and his wife, Lisa, have been Hebron members since 2012. Professionally, he is Vice-President at Redstone@Home (with Redstone Presbyterian SeniorCare). In his mid-thirties with young children, Eva 5 and Gavin 4, Geoff represents the demographic that our new Co-Pastor will serve. Geoff says he is “honored to be named as Chair of this committee and am open to direct communication from anyone with concerns or feedback at 412-855-7600 or”

Rod Herrmann, Co-Chair. Rod is currently serving as Clerk of Session and is Co-Chair of the Personnel Team. Rod is President of Herrmann Unlimited, a local printing firm. Rod & his wife, Adina, have two teenage daughters, Allison 15 and Sydney 13. When asked why he agreed to serve on the PNC Rod said, “Having served 3 full terms as an Elder at Hebron and currently serving a 4th term, a Hebron member for over 14 years with a strong Christ-centered commitment, I feel called to use this experience and knowledge to help identify and vet an excellent Co-Pastor and ultimate Sr. Pastor to Hebron Church. No matter the cultural winds that blow, we have all been blessed with a solid Christ-centered and Bible-believing pastor and leaders. It is eternally important for the future members and attenders that Jesus, and His work on the cross, continues to be lifted up.”

Dan Brown. Dan has spent the past 51 years of his life at Hebron. Dan is the son of our former Senior Pastor, W. Malcolm Brown. He and his wife, Diane, were married at Hebron and raised their two sons, Josh and Adam, in Penn Hills where he was a teacher. Dan is a former elder and current Grove leader. Committed to ministries of compassion, Dan serves at The Blessing Board, Penn Hills Service Association, and Meals on Wheels. Dan says he agreed to serve on the PNC, "because I am concerned with the direction the PCUSA has been taking in recent years, and I want to help ensure that Hebron stays biblically-based and Scripturally-grounded.”

Janie Mason. Janie serves on Session as Mobilization Chair. Janie grew up at Hebron and has seen Hebron through many seasons of change. Janie says she is looking for “a spiritual leader who is in love with Jesus Christ and who reflects that relationship in his ministry and his life. The Co-Pastor should also be a visionary who will continue to mature and engage us in the faith (particularly young adults and families) and enables us to engage and mature others. Further, the Co-Pastor should be an experienced preacher who will guide us deeply into Scripture and lead us to see how to live out the Gospel. The Co-Pastor should be a servant of Jesus with a heart to move Hebron out into our neighboring communities and along-side mission partners sharing love and resources to provide what is needed by the least, the last, and the lost.” 

Laura Ivanov. Laura serves on the Discipleship Team and is a Grove and Course of Your Life leader. She has been a Hebron member since 2008. Laura and her husband, Vova, have two teenage children, Josiah 16 and Anna 15. Laura says, “Being on staff at a church in the past as well as a para-church organization, and years of ministry and recruiting experience, I hope and pray to be an asset in this search. My prayer is to discern the one God has called to co-pastor our congregation. I am looking for a commitment to raising up disciples who grow closer in knowing God and His Word, reaching out to share Christ with the lost, and training us to pour ourselves into other believers to help challenge one another, grow, and multiply.

Bill Martin. Bill and his wife, Sherrill, have been a part of the Hebron family since 2007. Bill teaches the Dominical Grove each week, a Grove on the Book of Revelation, and Confirmation. He is a graduate of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and for many years taught Church History, Old and New Testament courses at the University of Pittsburgh Greensburg Campus. Bill says, “I’m excited to be named to the PNC because I believe Hebron’s ministry, members and friends have been blessed by God’s faithfulness over many years. I want very much for that to continue and expand. I’m looking for someone who loves the Lord and His people and finds great joy in ministry; someone with a substantial history of faithful service using the gifts of preaching, teaching, and counseling, together with a vision for ministry.” Bill will serve as a non-voting advisor to the PNC.

Dolly Patterson. Dolly is a 24-year member at Hebron. She and her late-husband, Jim, have two adult children, Daria and Aaron. Dolly was very active in Hebron U.P. Women, serving on the Board for many years. Currently she is very active with Young Lives and serves on the Mobilization Team. Dolly says, “I would like my Co-Pastor to be a person of humility, integrity, and ready to lead Hebron by assisting the congregation in bridging all gaps as together we are one body in Christ!” Dolly is an alternate member of the PNC.   

Please keep our PNC in prayer as they search for the person the Lord has prepared for us.