by Jennifer Fitch

The fall semester kicked off welcoming over 500 international students in Oakland at the annual garage giveaway. Students were able to obtain free household items through local donations.

They were introduced to the different social activities available and the various Bible studies being offered for those wishing to learn more about God’s Word and explore their faith. Many don’t have these religious freedoms at home. Various social gatherings have been held including weekly Friday night dinners at Bellefield Presbyterian Church in Oakland where students can socialize with local volunteers from different churches.

Students have been visiting different parts of the Pittsburgh area. Many volunteers have teamed up with a student as a friendship partner, meeting to talk and pray with them.

Several different weekly Bible studies have been offered this fall. For some students this has been the first time they have been able to study the Bible without fear of persecution. P.R.I.S.M.’s goal is to welcome these students to Pittsburgh each school year, become friends with them and show them our culture. They hope to provide them with a chance to grow their faith and relationship with Christ and hope that they will return to their home country spreading God’s Word.