Say YES to Investing in Hebron's Future - An Update

On Sunday, October 22, Keith Balkey, head of Hebron’s Vision Team reported to the congregation that $923,739 has been given and/or pledged to Investing in Hebron’s Future. This represents 57% of our $1.625 million goal. Within 24 hours the total had risen to $931,500.

Since early September, $511,500 has been committed by those seeking to move Hebron forward in its plan to provide continuity of ministry through: (1) hiring a co-pastor; (2) the initiation of a ministry initiatives fund; (3) needed renovations to the Barclay Building. This is half million dollars has been committed by only 116 families.

It’s interesting to note that nearly 1/3 of those who have already made a financial commitment  to investing in Hebron’s future regularly attend the 9:15 service—and 1/3 of our congregation regularly worship at 9:15.

Currently more than 350 families/ individuals give financially to the ministry of Hebron. This means that we have more than 200 families who have not yet responded with a pledge of support. IT IS NOT TOO LATE!

There are two ways you can make a commitment—online at or through submitting a pledge card in the offering plate or by mail. It takes the whole body of Christ at Hebron to make this investment a reality!