Say YES to Making Disciples Who Make Disciples

by Jerry Zeilstra

The Discipleship Team has been working with Session to explore new opportunities for all of us to embrace!

We will be adding some new “leaves” to our “grove” trees. It is our prayer that our roots will grow deeper as we ESTABLISH and EQUIP our church family.

Being established means sending down roots and growing in your faith in godliness and Christ-likeness. Being equipped is learning how to help yourself and others mature in the faith through teaching, encouragement, coaching, and prayer! These fundamental principles have been at the core of our ministry for quite some time; and this September we are seeking to strengthen that commitment and focus through the proclamation of God’s Word, as well as in and through the lives of His people at Hebron.

Groves will continue this Fall with a slightly different focus. 50% of the time spent in Groves will be focused on studying a book of the Bible to help establish disciples in the Word, 25% will be dedicated to equipping disciples to do ministry, and 25% of the time will be spent on topical studies that establish and equip disciples in different areas of life. Additionally, we’re introducing a brand new and very exciting opportunity entitled…“The Course of Your Life”.

“The Course of Your Life” is a dynamic study which serves to challenge the Church with the truth that all disciples have been entrusted with the Word of God, not only to read and obey it, but also to share it with others. This Fall we will be offering this study to 3 groups of 24 individuals (12 in each group). “The Course of Your Life”  is a stand-alone course with a time commitment of 3 1/2 hours a week—2 1/2 hours spent in large group Bible study and break-out discussion groups and 1 hour of one-on-one Bible study at another time of the week with another course member. This study is designed to change the course of your life as YOU discover God’s purpose for YOUR life! “The Course of Your Life” will be offered every semester, so that everyone will have the opportunity to participate over the next few years. 

So let’s begin….

Investing in the Future by… signing up for one of these discipleship opportunities:
§ Groves
§ “The Course of Your Life”
§ Circles

Contact Jerry for more information: 412-512-6576.