How Should I Respond to God's Generosity?

By Sarah Miller, Stewardship Team

Isn’t that the million dollar question? Over the last three weeks, we have received three different messages in worship by three different people regarding giving. Doug told us that if you look at all four Gospels, 1 out of 10 verses deals directly with money. In the New Testament there are 500 verses on prayer, 500 verses on faith, and 2,000 verses on money; and of the 38 parables Jesus teaches, 16 of them deal directly with money. Clearly there is something to learn here.

Luke 21 tells us to be on guard because there is a danger in money; it causes us to look inward making us an island unto ourselves, becoming the most important driver in our lives and the damage it can cause can be catastrophic. Does that mean money is all bad? Of course not, what it does mean is that money, like many other “things” can capture our heart rather than Jesus. Ken Wagoner said access to wealth is not bad, it’s neutral.  It is our reaction and the significance we place on wealth that determines its impact.

Money does not come with instructions, while we are called to “be on guard”, we are also called to excel in generosity and to honor God in every aspect of our lives. The questions we should be asking are: How can I honor God in “my” reality? And how can I use “my” stuff to help others? Knowing that “your” stuff is not yours but God’s, given to you to further His Kingdom, helps a great deal. Thankfully, in the battle to shape our hearts, we have an inexhaustible God who knows the battle and is with us every step of the way.

Ken’s challenge to us was to ask the question, how should I respond to God’s generosity? The answer—Excel In Generosity!